Investing in the Shift2Rail

07 October 2020

Research and innovation (R&I) is the engine for Europe’s technological progress and economic growth. The rail supply industry make R&I a top priority with many companies engaging in collaborative projects to realise the sustainable, smart mobility solutions that our planet demands. Shift2Rail, funded under the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, is enabling this innovative collaboration to get Europe’s green future on the fast-track with rail.

Shift2Rail is the first large-scale European rail research joint undertaking created to co-ordinate focused research and innovation projects and generate market-driven solutions by accelerating the integration of new and advanced technologies into cutting-edge rail products.

It's a public and private partnership to boost the European rail industry’s competitiveness and meet the European Union’s changing transport needs. It's laying the tracks for a Single European Railway Area (SERA) in key ways. 

The programme is doubling the capacity of the European rail system and increasing its reliability and service quality by 50%, while halving lifecycle costs. To meet these ambitious targets, it has a robust framework and a sizeable multiannual budget of €920 million, jointly funded by the private sector (€470 million) and the EU (€450 million).

Activities seek to achieve the programme’s overall objectives by working on new technologies that are tested and applied across the entire rail system and on all segments of the rail market, such as High-Speed/Mainline, Regional, Urban/Suburban, and Freight platforms. Work is organised into five Innovation Programmes (IPs) and several Cross-Cutting Activities (CCAs).

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