Poland is more dependent on coal than any other EU country, accounting for around 75% of its electricity today. Making rail greener in Poland requires transitioning away from coal to renewables that emit less carbon.    

Poland is leading a small group of Eastern European countries that are resisting some of the EU’s policies and commitments on carbon emissions. Yet in contrast to its political leadership, our survey shows that more than half of Gen Z in Poland are concerned about climate change and sustainability. 

Due to the pandemic, the employment situation in Poland has worsened, especially for Gen Z. Many have taken freelance positions despite the limited job security and protections. The rail supply industry can be an attractive alternative that offers stability and diverse learning opportunities.

What does Gen Z in Poland think?


  1. 25% believe that rail is crucial for the country’s economy and development
  2. 57% are willing to hop on to greener transport
  3. 47.5% believe that jobs in rail pay well and 30.7% believe it is technology-driven
  4. 50% say that innovations such as zero-emission technology and smart cities will be the driver of innovation for the rail of tomorrow
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How concerned are you with climate change?
What are you willing to sacrifice to practice sustainability (protect the environment) in your daily life? (Choose top 3)
Are you interested in working or studying in a field related to sustainability and the environment in the future?
How important would it be for you to work for an employer with a positive sustainability and environmental impact?
Thinking about your career and what you look for in your career, which of the following factors are most important to you? (Choose top 5):
Thinking about the rail supply industry, which of the following would you say apply? (Choose top 3)
What would attract you most to a career in the rail supply industry? (Choose top 5)
What are the top 3 actions your government should take to support sustainable rail transport (via trains, metros, trams)? (Please rank by importance)
Identify the innovation you believe will most impact the rail supply industry. (Choose top 3)

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