In Spain, the transport sector represents 27% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Rail represents just 0.01% of the country’s total emissions.

With the ambitious national objective of reducing transport emissions by 32% by 2030, rail has the potential to become a driver of Spain’s economy and key industry in the fight against climate change.

The survey shows that the rail supply industry, however, needs to convince talent in Spain to pursue the many opportunities its companies have to offer.

What does Gen Z in Spain think?


  1. 77% are very concerned about climate change and 60% would be open to change their transportation to contribute to sustainability
  2. Only 16.3% had made the choice to take rail over car transport and just 7.8% for air transport
  3. 49.8% believe working for a company with a positive impact on sustainability is very important and 53% are interested in studying or working in a field related to sustainability 
  4. Only 10.6% consider STEM skills necessary for careers in rail, despite their importance to the industry
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How concerned are you with climate change?
What are you willing to sacrifice to practice sustainability (protect the environment) in your daily life? (Choose top 3)
Are you interested in working or studying in a field related to sustainability and the environment in the future?
How important would it be for you to work for an employer with a positive sustainability and environmental impact?
Thinking about your career and what you look for in your career, which of the following factors are most important to you? (Choose top 5):
Thinking about the rail supply industry, which of the following would you say apply? (Choose top 3)
What would attract you most to a career in the rail supply industry? (Choose top 5)
What are the top 3 actions your government should take to support sustainable rail transport (via trains, metros, trams)? (Please rank by importance)
Identify the innovation you believe will most impact the rail supply industry. (Choose top 3)

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