The Netherlands

The Netherlands made environmental history in 2017 when its national train company NS, became the world’s first railway company to get 100% of the energy needed to power its trains from wind. 

The rail supply industry in The Netherlands is amongst the most innovative in the world. Breakthroughs involving Big Data and the Internet of Things in rail are emerging along with major gains in self-driving trains. Efforts to further reduce the carbon emissions from rail is a top priority for industry with the strong support of the Dutch government. 

The survey shows that the vast majority of Gen Z in The Netherlands are concerned about climate change. They know that rail is a sustainable industry, and many would consider careers and studies in this area. Dutch Gen Z  should then be especially eager to HOP ON to the many opportunities available in the sector.     

What does Gen Z in The Netherlands think?


  1. 85% are somewhat or very concerned about climate change
  2. 75.2% classify rail as a sustainable industry compared to the automotive, maritime and aviation sectors
  3. 42.5% believe that rail is an industry we could not live without
  4. 1 out of 3 would consider careers or studies in an area related to sustainability and the environment
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How concerned are you with climate change?
What are you willing to sacrifice to practice sustainability (protect the environment) in your daily life? (Choose top 3)
Are you interested in working or studying in a field related to sustainability and the environment in the future?
How important would it be for you to work for an employer with a positive sustainability and environmental impact?
Thinking about your career and what you look for in your career, which of the following factors are most important to you? (Choose top 5):
Thinking about the rail supply industry, which of the following would you say apply? (Choose top 3)
What would attract you most to a career in the rail supply industry? (Choose top 5)
What are the top 3 actions your government should take to support sustainable rail transport (via trains, metros, trams)? (Please rank by importance)
Identify the innovation you believe will most impact the rail supply industry. (Choose top 3)

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