Italy has made green transport a priority in its pandemic recovery plan. Investments are ramping up especially in innovative transport solutions using the Internet of Things and Big Data. Expansion of WiFi in transport is also widely increasing. 

The transition to sustainable transport is key to fight climate change. Gen Z in Italy knows it. But there remains a disconnect between what Gen Z  believes the country should do and their personal willingness to act, especially when it comes to their careers.

What does Gen Z in Italy think? 


  1. Nearly 100% are concerned about climate change
  2. Almost 50% still need to be convinced about the benefits of working or studying in a field related to sustainability and the environment
  3. Job stability and good salaries are key factors in career choice
  4. Gen Z expect the government to support the rail industry with tax incentives and investment in research and development 
Hidden-Dont Touch
How concerned are you with climate change?
What are you willing to sacrifice to practice sustainability (protect the environment) in your daily life? (Choose top 3)
Are you interested in working or studying in a field related to sustainability and the environment in the future?
How important would it be for you to work for an employer with a positive sustainability and environmental impact?
Thinking about your career and what you look for in your career, which of the following factors are most important to you? (Choose top 5):
Thinking about the rail supply industry, which of the following would you say apply? (Choose top 3)
What would attract you most to a career in the rail supply industry? (Choose top 5)
What are the top 3 actions your government should take to support sustainable rail transport (via trains, metros, trams)? (Please rank by importance)
Identify the innovation you believe will most impact the rail supply industry. (Choose top 3)

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