Gen Z Survey

Rail is one of the greenest forms of transport today, and it’s getting even more sustainable with the innovative solutions emerging from Europe’s rail supply industry! Is Gen Z – aged 16 to 25  in Europe willing to ride rail because of its green recordAre they interested in all the green jobs that the rail industry has to offer? How do they want lawmakers to support the EU Green Deal and Green Recovery with rail 

The results of a survey conducted with the international think-tank, ThinkYoung provides exclusive insights into the views of European Gen Z on these subjects and more. The big take away? Gen Z wants to HOP ON to studies and careers for the planet. And the rail supply industry is ready to welcome them to the crew! With the right policy environment, we can get Europe’s tech and green future on the fast-track.

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Country Data

The Netherlands


The survey reached a total of 2,137 respondents in Gen Z aged 16 to 25.

Target countries included Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and The Netherlands.

A representative sample was obtained through quota sampling via online panels based on gender, age and region.

Post-stratification* weights were applied based on education level and occupation. Respondents were also weighted based on country of residence. Data collection was undertaken between the 27th of January and 13th of February 2020 – Pre COVID-19.

*Post-stratification weights are a weighting system to reduce sampling bias and maximise data representativeness.

Sample before weighting

Female Male
France 175 180 355
Germany 184 176 360
Italy 176 178 354
Poland 173 188 354
Spain 171 186 357
The Netherlands 172 178 350
TOTAL 1051 1086 2137
  • 1,032 respondents aged from 16 to 20
  • 1,105 respondents aged from 21 to 25

Sample after weighting

Female Male
France 239 245 484
Germany 263 283 546
Italy 181 197 378
Poland 128 127 255
Spain 143 151 294
The Netherlands 65 70 135
TOTAL 1019 1073 2092
  • 1,032 respondents aged from 16 to 20
  • 1,105 respondents aged from 21 to 25